Last night, at about 7:30, I met with a client.  She had a problem:  She had a foreclosure sale set for 1 pm.  TODAY.

Wow.  We have stopped foreclosures quickly. But you've gotta be kidding!  We talked for a long time, and she hired us to work on her case, which dealt with that criminal firm Taylor Bean and Whitaker, and Bank of America.

I came home and looked up the documents that she hadn't already located.  Two of the most critical are the Assignment of Deed of Trust and the Appointment of Successor Trustee.

The Appointment of Successor Trustee was signed by none other than the lawyer who intended to be the trustee.  I find this highly objectionable, and we have cases on file in Missouri dealing with this issue.

But, just as importantly, we found Barbara Nord, the woman who claimed to sign the Assignment of Deed of Trust.  I remembered her from another case, where her signature looked quite different.  We also found instances of her claiming to be a document preparer for a company called CaseLogic in South Carolina.  Sometimes she claimed to sign documents in California.  

I wrote the trustee about these issues and others, including the bizarre and incorrect assignment I believe was done from MERS.  We exchanged a couple of letters, and then I got a very cryptic email just before noon (an hour before the sale):


There is no foreclosure sale currently scheduled by our office.


Hmm.  That was considerably different from this morning.  Guess our correspondence made a difference.


Foreclosure cancelled in NINETEEN HOURS.  That's gotta be a record.