The Size and Scope of the Missouri Foreclosure Fraud

The Size and Scope of the Missouri Foreclosure Fraud

When you went and borrowed money to buy your home, you likely sat at a title company for the better part of an hour and signed your name.  Again and again.  Name affidavits.  Lead paint disclosures.  Warnings indicating that YOU better not be committing mortgage fraud.

Funny.  It now appears to me that in many cases, in all those documents , created by very smart people, they left out some incredibly important things:

1. The ability of anyone other than the original lender to foreclose by sale;
2. The ability of a mortgage lender to call a foreclosure sale;
3. A system that they wanted that eliminated the need to record assignments, like everyone had done for more than a hundred years.

In other words, they forgot that if something happened to the loan, somebody was going to eventually have to deal with it.  And they left themselves open to ... well, ... this.

I believe that any mortgage that was originated and then immediately sold has a better than 50-50 chance of being completely invalid.  That's how bad our smart guys did at their paperwork.  They didn't do it, then they hired a bunch of hacks and fakers to sign as if they had.

It's getting bad out there folks.  If you need to hear more, or if you think you might have a case, PLEASE contact Foreclosure Law LLXC today .  We want to help you fight for and keep your home.

Dale Wiley

Wednesday, 20 July 2011