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Meeting Mrs. Green

Linda Green is a very elusive lady. She signed hundreds of thousands of documents, which I'm sure would make your hand hurt. She signed so many documents, it made her signature look quite different, depending on when she signed them.

See the examples in this article:

And she was busy. Boy, was she. Why, she was working for many banks, and with most of them, she was Vice President!

Here are some of the ones she worked for:

Wells Fargo


American Home Mortgage Acceptance

Option One Mortgage

Bank of America

Argent Mortgage Company by Citi Residential Lending

Sand Canyon Corporation

She was a very busy lady. Mrs. Green has appeared in one of my cases. We have very politely asked the bank who is claiming their interest under Mrs. Green's signature to give us the house in the next three weeks before we bring the Unmanned Predator Drones of the law down upon their Pakistani compound. By May 22, we'll know if they'll make the right decision. If you know anyone affected by Mrs. Green, please let us know. Because I sure do want to meet her.

Dale Wiley

Thursday, 17 November 2011