Foreclosure Law Attorney Dale Wiley Achieves Major Foreclosure Victory In Kansas City

To date, although we have had a few clients in the Jackson County area, most of our cases have been in southwest Missouri, around Springfield, or in the St. Louis/St. Charles area. However, we have recently started to get a number of cases in Kansas City and the surrounding area. And now we have a great win to report.

We were hired to represent a man and his family. They had already been foreclosed, and one week prior, he was trying to buy additional time before the Unlawful Detainer hearing. We spoke and created a strategy, and one week after being hired, we put the strategy into play. Unlawful Detainer cases in Missouri are very hard to win for the Defendants.

The law is old and unwieldy, and not at all suited to modern law, especially when considering all the clouded title issues that surround modern foreclosure law. We have been successful in the past by showing problems with the ownership on the deed (such as the cases where Fannie Mae has lied about its ownership of properties, still our easiest route), and by successfully defending the Summary Judgment motions.

When the big banks can't win on Summary Judgment, they are in trouble, because they can't fill in the blanks. And that's what happened here. We were able to show how little they could show. They didn't have the goods. And we had a judge with the backbone to stand up to this. We have had some really great cases recently, using correct Missouri law and their own procedures against them.

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Dale Wiley

Sunday, 6 November 2011