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Missouri Foreclosure Case Studies - How The Legal Team at Foreclosure Law LLC in Missouri Help

Foreclosure Case Study - 2011 Foreclosure Law LLC Stop Foreclosure At The Last Minute

A Russian family in Springfield, Missouri didn't know where to turn when faced with foreclosure.  Luckily for them, they found out about Foreclosure Law LLC just in time. The family contacted Foreclosure Law LLC lawyer Dale Wiley on Saturday before the foreclosure,…

Foreclosure Case Study - 2011 Foreclosure Law LLC Prove Bank Mistake in Missouri

In 2011, A family asked Foreclosure Law LLC  to advise them on a bank error.  Their house had burned, and eventually the insurance company paid the bill.  The problem was, the mortgage company had no record of the payment, and was trying to claim…

Foreclosure Case Study 2010 - Foreclosure Law LLC Negotiate Settlement With Bank and Stop Foreclosure Proceedings

Call the lawyers at Foreclosure Law LLC Today if your home is being, or has been foreclosed upon and you believe the bank has made a mistake

Foreclosure Case Study - 2011 Foreclosure Stopped in Missouri By Foreclosure Law LLC Attorney

The Foreclosure Law LLC Law Firm  entered a case where a man was being sued under a strange theory for a $380,000 note on a house.  After reviewing the file, Foreclosure Law LLC  found major procedural defects in the lawsuit itself.  Foreclosure…