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About the Legal Team at Foreclosure Law LLC

Foreclosure Law LLC History

In 2005, when a widowed woman with three children hired my firm, Wiley Law to help keep her from foreclosure, we discovered that the Successor Trustee (who is supposed to have duties to the borrower and the lender) was also acting as the attorney for the lender. This appeared to be a clear-cut violation of all the rules and cases on trustees, and we sued to have the removed. After stopping the foreclosure sale, the judge agreed with us, and the trustee was removed. Our client had enough time to rebound, and her home was safe. Since then, we have dealt with numerous mortgage situations, with great results. We have done everything from delay foreclosures to discovering that the property in question was being foreclosed under the wrong name!

In 2010, it became clear that banks were in some cases acting outside the law and foreclosing on hard working people from Missouri and taking their homes from them. As a result of numerous client requesting Dale Wiley`s help, a dedicated law firm, Foreclosure Law LLC was started to help people fight for their homes. Utilizing over 15 years legal experience and knowledge, Foreclosure Law LLC under the guidance of Dale Wiley pledged to help homeoweners in Missouri to stand up the banks who were trying to illegally foreclose on them.

We have two main emphases:



If you or someone you know falls into one of these categories, contact Foreclosure Law LLC today to speak with an attorney..

This is your home, you and you family have worked hard, do not let the banks take it from you illegally.

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How Our Foreclosure Lawyers Handle Your Case if you have been wrongly Foreclosed on.

Our firm has been successful on numerous injunctions and other pre-foreclosure lawsuits, and we continue to use these as one way to fight these horrible procedures.

But depending on where you are in your case, we may use other approaches, including:

- Suing far enough ahead of a foreclosure date to try to win the first round without having to post a big bond;
- Suing AFTER the foreclosure to set it aside; or
- Suing people and companies other than the bank who were involved, such as trustees and successor trustees, who were supposed to owe BOTH SIDES a duty of fairness.  Most of time they blew threw that trust like Hunter S. Thompson on a trip to Las Vegas.

We can also adapt our approach to your situation.  We have helped people:

- Reaffirm mortgages;
- Discover that the bank likely had NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in their property;
- Stay off foreclosure proceedings long enough to pay off the mortgagee and keep their house;
- Keep "excess" judgments away from co-signers when they didn't want to attempt to save the home.

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Foreclosure Law LLC was founded by Missouri Attorney Dale Wiley in 2010 in response to the growing number of foreclosures his firm was dealing with. Dale has a background as a trial Lawyer in Missouri, but has dedicated his new enterprise to defending right-minded homeowners from the injustices and ineptidude of incompetent and false legal actions taken on behalf of the banks and mortgage companies.