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"Where's the note?"

Attorney Dale Wiley

rating: 10.0 out of 10
So Thankful
I can't say enough about Mr Wiley and his attention to our case. We have been in a foreclosure state since May 2012. Although our case is still open and seems to be a little more challenging then most, he continues to work diligently on it and is great to communicate. Because of his knowledge and years of experience he has kept us in our home.
Posted by Theresa on Apr 30
Perfect Timing
We have been battling with our lender for several years, and thought we had exhausted every avenue to make them listen and act in our situation. We were 7 days from a foreclosure sale when I was given Dale's name and contact information. The day I called him, he met me to discuss the situation even though he was headed out of town for court. We are in the beginning stages of working with Dale to resolve our mortgage issue, but know without a doubt we have contacted the right person to help us thru this nightmare. He is extremely responsive to emails, phone calls and any questions we have asked. I hope he is your first call...don't wait!
Posted by Tracy on Feb 17
What an AWESOME attorney! Dale is honest, professional, upfront and knowledgeable in the land of foreclosure. Upon contacting Dale, he responded to us immediately. Dale suggested he come by our home to discuss in detail our wrongful foreclosure. Once meeting Dale and listening to his advise we knew he was the attorney we wanted to represent us. Our foreclosure started in 2012 and we were into our third year of despair. Dale went to work on our case promptly. Due to Dale's diligence he was able to settle our case in 3 month's! Dale was a delight to work with! Our word's of wisdom...... HIRE DALE!
Posted by Kathy and Walt on Feb 16
Foreclosure Defense
Back in 2009 we discovered a fraudulent backdated corporate assignment that had been filed into the recorder’s office to begin a foreclosure on our family’s home. Over the next several years we deflected several foreclosure attempts in court representing ourselves as “Pro-Se”. The most recent attempt to foreclose on our home was a 38 page quiet title filed with many additional allegation; seemingly became insurmountable for us to defend. While researching the internet for information on defending this latest foreclosure attempt, we came across some of Dale Wiley’s arguments and counter claims of other parties which he represented against foreclosure. I was impressed with his understanding of what was going on in this mortgage debacle and more impressed that he was arguing these important issues in court. He promptly returned my call and we visited on the phone for 30 minutes and he happen to be driving through our town that evening and we meet at Steak and Shake at 9pm to discuss our foreclosure matter further. We now have someone who will continue to defend and (just as importantly) go on the offense for us to hold the lender, servicers, Notaries and trustees accountable for their wrongful actions.
Posted by a Foreclosure client on Apr 8, 2014
Good Call!
I made a "good call" contacting this attorney in the sea of attorneys out there. He made every effort to get back in touch with me THAT DAY! He seemed very knowledgeable, and I felt confident about the information I received, very happy to be out of limbo-land!
Posted by a client on Sep 20, 2013
He does what he says and is always there for you!
Dale is one of the best lawyers I have ever delt with! This guy never gives up! He is and has been handling issues with the mortgage on my house in Clever, MO. He actually works for the money you pay him! That is hard to find today with lawyers! Dale is just a great lawyer! Hiring Dale was the best thing I have ever done! He has kept me in my house since I hired him in November 2010. I highly recommend him!
Posted by Rich F on Feb 7, 2013
Excellent and Diligent!
Mr. Wiley has been there every step of the way in our wrongful foreclosure action. He, and his office staff, have gone way beyond expectations in our action. Research has been superb and his knowledge base is unbelievable! I'd recommend this attorney to anyone facing a foreclosure crisis.
Posted by Lisa on Feb 5, 2013
Real Estate Woes
We HIGHLY recommend Dale Wiley. He has been a true blessing to us. Dale is very knowledgeable and confident in foreclosure law. He has been very dedicated, attentive and responsive to our situation and request. Dale returns our calls the same day. Since my husband and I retained Dale as our attorney, we for the first time have experienced peace through this horrible. I wish Dale would have been our first choice and not our last resort. If you need foreclosure help, please do not call anyone else. Call Dale immediately.
Posted by CGH on Feb 21, 2012
Unlawful Detainer
My family was facing eviction. Dale has stuck it to BofA twice now. He has been a God send for my family. If you are having problems with foreclosure, please call him! Thanks Dale.
Posted by Eric on Jan 26, 2012
In the battle of David and Goliath! (Legally)
OMG! Dale's overall committment to getting JUSTICE for us, was ALWAYS his main focus. I have Never seen an Attorney like him. His passion, intelligence, creativity is like a fairy tale and he is the super hero. He is NOT like any other attorney-He is totally what you pay for and a whole lot more. Words just cant express what this attorney have demonstrated. Most say what they can do-He delivers!!!He is not afraid of the courtroom, the judges or the rules of the court. After all the hysteria, he follows up with a compassionate concern being for certain you were satisfied with him. THERE Is NONE LIKE Him!
Posted by So Grateful on Jan 10, 2012
Single mother fighting unlawful detainer by BOFA
I would recommend Dale Wiley to co-workers, family and church members to represent them. The banks foreclosed on my house and thought I would walk away queitly and let them have it. Well I hired Dale seeking to dismiss the unlawful detainer and plan to sue BOFA for foreclosure fraud seeking damages.
Posted by Yvonne on Dec 12, 2011
A true legal champion interested in representing his client to the best possible advantage.
I have been represented by Mr. Wiley since 2004 and he has taken my case all the way to the State Supreme Court and prevailed in the face of other legal minds, who failed to see the legitimate, complex legal argument he masterfully laid out. This was precedent setting in the State, as well as having National repurcussions. I found him to be able to think "Outside the Box" and attain justice for myself and my family. He is the "Real deal"!
Posted by Gary on Apr 5, 2011
Excellent, A+ Attorney
Mr Wiley has successfully handled 2 of my cases already and currently handling some more. He is the most knowledgeable, trustworthy, attentive, and compassionate attorney I have ever known. He will give you an honest assessment on what a case needs to get the required result and he is never wrong. I will recommend him, without hesitation, to anyone who cares about the best outcome from themselves.
Posted by Gabriel on Jan 27, 2011
First Rate!
I highly recommend Mr. Wiley. From the first meeting and throughout the process of our case Mr. Wiley has been very informative and helpful in drafting what we think is the best avenue for success with our case. His staff is very professional and quick to get back with you about possible changes that tend to happen with prolonged cases. I hope to keep Mr. Wiley on my team for anything that I may need in the future.
Posted by Gabriel on Jan 27, 2011
Top Class Service
We have used Dale for a few legal matters and have recommended him to our friends. His knowledge is second to none, ability as an attorney is likewise.
Posted by a Lawsuits & Disputes client on Jan 26, 2011

"Where's the Note ?" (more about foreclosure avoidance)

In so many foreclosure prevention cases, tracking down the paperwork is the key - or rather pursuing the foreclosing bank until they produce the paperwork necessary to carry out the foreclosure.

That's right - without the correct document - "the note" - a bank does not have legal posession of the property. In the terrible rush to leverage everything in the known world in the first years of the 21st century, banks sold and resold and repackaged their mortgages (helping cause the financial collapse of 2008) and in doing so lost track of the paperwork that grants ownership of the properties they lent against.

Without this paperwork, a bank cannot foreclose on, nor reposess a property.

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